Our purpose is to bring peer-reviewed highlights from medical conferences to the physician faster

About Medicom Medical Publishers

Medicom Medical Publishers is the international conference specialist. We bring the conference to the physician.Ā Medicom Medical Publishers is an international medical publisher with 30 years of experience. Our head office is located in Baarn, the Netherlands, and our local offices in Belgium, Scandinavia, and Finland.


Medicom Medical Publishers was founded in 1980 under the name Oedip B.V. by the French publisher Oedip-Cerem.Ā In 1986, Oedip B.V. was taken over by Medicom Communications Ltd. from the UK to become part of the English Medicom Group. During this period, Medicom started publishing journals in close co-operation with leading international publishers like the BMJ Group and the Lancet.Ā In 2006, Medicom Medical Publishers became an independent publisher.Ā Since then, Medicom has developed into a leading publisher in peer-reviewed congress reports and online medical news.

Our Strategy

Medicom is THE specialist in reporting from conferences. We cover all major international medical conferences.

Independent and peer-reviewed

Content is peer-reviewed and referenced

Medicom publishes series of high-quality peer-reviewed medical conference reports for clinicians and medical professionals around the world, both in print and online.

Our editors select topics to be covered. Then our medical writers cover the selected oral and poster presentations. Finally, an independent advisory board of medical experts provides a peer-review of the report.

Scientific up to date

We fill the time gap between the conference and publication in scientific literature

During the conference we provideĀ fast updates, containing clinical highlights from the conference. Within 6-8 weeks we publish online our peer-reviewed conĀ­ference reports, well before these are available in scientific literature.Ā 

International conference coverage

We provide independent content you need to know

Medicom covers about 25 major international medical conferences annually, some of them as official partner of the organising Society, like the ESC and the ASCO.

We cover European and American conferences in: 
Cardiology, Dermatology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Haematology, Hepatology, Oncology, Infectious diseases, Pulmonology,  Urology, and Rheumatology.


Our team

The 17 team members of Medicom have a long history in medical publishing. From our editorial team publishing medical news and scientific quality reports, to experienced consultants supporting you in creating creative content solutions.

Our clients

Our primary clients are the physicians that read our Open Access publications. Our publications are financed with support from public healthcare agencies, medical societies, and sponsorship from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Our partners

We work with a number of internationally renowned medical societies and publishers. We work with the European Society of Cardiology, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and many more. We have partnerships with ContentEdNet, Networks in Health and many more.

We are all readers and supporters very grateful for the trust they have placed in us in the past, and we are set to live up to their expectations in the future as well.