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Medicom Conference Proceedings

Medicom offers conference organisers a service designed to enhance the visibility of the conference and a lasting service to the participants and other interested members of the medical community.

All proceedings hosted on the Medicom Conference Portal are open-access publications, ensuring that the presented key knowledge is readily available worldwide.

Benefits for Conference Organisers and Presenters

  • Create global visibility: Your Conference Proceedings will be indexed and open-access publications. Additionally, we can promote the Proceedings through our partner network reaching over 1.2 million physicians.
  • Empower presenters: Offering presenters the opportunity to publish peer-reviewed papers makes your conference or meeting more attractive, especially to young researchers who face increasing publication pressure.
  • Service for participants: You can provide the Conference Proceedings as an additional service to participants and other relevant groups, enriching their experience and extending the value of your event.
  • Sharing intermediate and non-journal results: Ensure that study results that may not find their way into scientific journals, such as preliminary data or negative outcomes, are still published and accessible to the medical community.

Benefits of publishing with Medicom

  • Dedicated conference website: We create a customised website for your conference, featuring a unique URL, comprehensive registration (i.e. DOI, ISSN), and conference details with a link to your conference homepage, all hosted on our Conference Portal.
  • Credibility and discoverability: Your proceedings will be registered with an ISSN, indexed in major search engines such as Google Scholar and ResearchGate, and assigned a unique online reference (DOI) through CrossRef. We also submit the papers to prominent indexes, including PubMed.
  • Targeted promotion: Promote your proceedings to specialists in specific geographic regions through our partner network, encompassing over 1.2 million physicians.
  • Expert support: Our dedicated Medicom editorial staff provides personalised support in preparing your conference and proceedings, ensuring a smooth and successful publication process.
  • Author and editor guidance: We provide clear instructions for authors and editors, along with style sheets, facilitating the submission process of papers.
  • Flexibility and multimedia integration: Papers can be any length and colour and may contain multimedia elements, enabling you to present research in the most impactful way.
  • Rapid publication: Experience fast publication of your proceedings within a turnaround time of fewer than 4 weeks, ensuring timely dissemination of research findings.
  • Print and digital options: Optionally, your proceedings can be delivered in print format, with a choice of hard or soft covers, or digitally as an e-book, offering flexibility to suit your audience’s preferences.

About Medicom: Your Trusted Publishing Partner

Medicom Medical Publishers is a leading publisher of peer-reviewed medical Conference Reports, renowned for its coverage of major international medical conferences. Now, Medicom also publishes Conference Proceedings of medical conferences and symposia.

With over 200 peer-reviewed Conference Reports across 10 medical specialisations and more than 4,000 articles published, Medicom has established a significant presence within the medical community. Through our partner network, we can reach over 1.2 million physicians with our Conference Proceedings. Proceedings enhances the visibility of your conference.

Partner with Medicom today and experience unrivalled visibility for your conference proceedings.

Contact us for more information and to discuss how our Conference Proceedings Service can elevate your event to new heights.