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Medicom publishes:

  • Peer-reviewed Conference Reports from over 25 international medical conferences annually.

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25+ Years of Experience in Medical Publishing

We are an international medical publisher with more than 25 years of experience in publishing.

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality medical information and tools to healthcare professionals across Europe. 


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Editor Medicom Conference Report Series
in Pulmonolgy

Prof P.N. Richard Dekhuijzen, 
Radboud University Medical Center 

“The Medicom conference reports offer an excellent summary of the most important developments and presentations in medicine. They are well written and include the most recent references. Very informative and highly recommended.”


Editor Medicom Conference Report Series
in Cardiology

Prof. Marc P. Bonaca, University of Colorado, USA

“The pace of scientific discovery is accelerating and scientific meetings remain at the core of disseminating discoveries. The volume of information and competing presentations makes it challenging to view and absorb it all. In addition, busy schedules sometimes make attendance impossible.

The Medicom conference reports offer a high quality and balanced solution. An excellent summary of key presentations are drafted by physicians, peer reviewed for balance, and presented in a way that make the key findings succinct and understandable. Sharing the report amongst colleagues is an excellent way to facilitate collaborative discussion around key findings. It also serves as a handy reference to access key datapoints when recalling a key presentation.

I highly recommend Medicom Conference reports to all of my colleagues and trainees!”


Editor Medicom Conference Report Series
in Oncology

Dr Stefan Rauh
Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch, Luxembourg

“Looking for highly professional and scientifically sound wrap-ups
of recent major Oncology conferences? Forgot an essential study while busy in office?

Check out Medicom’s Conference Portal;
you’ll discover a precious peer-reviewed reference companion, easy to access.”