Channels & touch points

Medicom offers the healthcare industry the opportunity to profile itself in a unique way through an omnichannel campaign in our print and online channels. This allows our customers to reach up to seven touchpoints with their target group.

Wave 1 – news articles

During the conference, we send 3 online newsletters to all our subscribers in the target group. These newsletters each contain 5–6 news articles with the clinical highlights presented at the conference.

physician assistant conference

Wave 2 – podcast newsletter

Two weeks after the conference, a podcast newsletter will be sent out to share our latest podcast episode containing a discussion of some of the late-breaking results presented at the conference.

physician conferences 2024

Wave 3 – peer-reviewed articles

Six to eight weeks after the conference, two online newsletters will be sent in quick succession, announcing the publication of the full  Conference Report and sharing the peer-reviewed conference articles supplemented with Meet the Trialist interviews.

apa style conference proceedings

Wave 4 – print edition

Ten to twelve weeks after the conference, the print edition of the peer-reviewed Medical Conference Report is sent to all relevant specialists. The range of print is 100% compared with IQVIA (i.e. all specialists who agreed to receive material).