A short introduction



The Medicom Conference Report series fills the time gap between the pre­sentation of trial outcomes and their publication in academic literature.

Included are full-length, peer-reviewed articles supplemented with graphics, videos of presentations, and expert interviews.

Our Conference Reports serve as:

  1. an enduring reference of the most impactful findings for physicians who attended the conference, and
  2. summary of the highlights for those unable to attend the conference.

Accessible both online and in print, Medicom Conference Reports ensure fast and broad dissemination of a new clinical insights presented at the conference.

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Our 5-step Peer-review Process

Unique to Medicom Conference Reports is our 5-step peer-review process:

  1. The Editor (a renowned medical expert in the field) selects the clinically most important conference sessions to be covered.
  2. Our expert medical writers cover the selected sessions.
  3. Our editorial team applies the language and scientific editing.
  4. An independent Advisory Board of medical experts provides an independent peer review.
  5. The Editor reviews and approves the final report.

The peer review is carried out by the external medical specialists to ensure independent and objective content, which makes our platforms and reports highly valuable and relevant to our target group.