Medical writing & more

Medicom offers diverse possibilities for custom content through our medical writers, video crew, graphic artists, and editorial team. For example, we provide key opinion leader (KOL) interviews, cover satellite symposia, report on selected posters, prepare reviews of literature on any medical topic, or attend and summarise expert meetings of any size.

  • A KOL can connect various take-home messages from different sessions and explain why and how these new studies will change their practice.
  • Medicom can engage a local KOL for each regional edition of our reports to describe how and why this conference will impact practice in your own country specifically.
  • Our team of medical writers and/or video crew can cover satellite symposia or expert meetings, for example as a series of interviews to be posted online or as an advertorial to be published in the Conference Report print edition. This approach often highlights a novel mode of action introduced by a new trial or a trial update.
  • Our team can generate professional infographics summarising key clinical trials, appropriate for social media distribution, review articles, and/or handout flyers.
  • Medicom can generate social media campaign content.
  • Medicom’s medical writers have extensive experience drafting EU and NIH grants and can offer support as a service.