Our purpose it to provide the highest quality medical information and tools to medical professionals and patients.

Why advertise with Medicom Medical Publishers?

Medicom supports you on several parts of your brandplan. We help you to increase the impact of your messages to target audience.

  • Extensive targeting options help you to reach your preferred audience
  • The latest digital technologies to attract and engage our readers
  • With detailed reporting on the KPI’s of your campaigns
  • Years of experience from our MEDICOM team, creating tailored communication packages

Achieved through:

  • Advertising in print editions of:
    • Conference Reports
    • Journals
  • Digital channels such as:
    • MediQuality,
    • Online Conference Reports
    • Online Medical Education
  • Custom content
    • KOL interviews,
    • Coverage of satellites,
    • Custom written articles
  • Tools to support face to face meetings of your salesforce
    • Image products for doctors:
    • Miniatlasses
    • Postermaker apps
    • Tearpad and tearpad maker apps
    • Flipchartmaker apps
    • Reprints
    • Scientific publications
    • Books and Bookchapters
    • MediContent - free literature alert service

Advertising in Print

Medicom Conference Reports

Our peer reviewed reports provide a compelling service to your target physicians and are excellent enduring references of key outcomes from the concerning congresses.

  • 16 to 24 pages customized, peer- reviewed report on the most impactful presentations from the Congress.
  • Content selection is guided by the medical editor in collaboration with the medical advisory board of Medicom Medical Publishers; (inter-)national independent.
  • The report features top research, key findings, updated guidelines, and late breaking clinical trials.
  • The print edition is directly mailed to the targeted audience.
  • Express publication, approx. 8 to 10 weeks after congress.
  • Possibility to advertise in a series of reports, for instance all cardiology reports (ACC, ESC HFA, AHA) or Oncology (ASCO, ESMO)

> Technical specifications:

Size: 210 x 280 mm to the edge plus 3 mm for bleeding
Material: send certified PDF to
Deadline: New material to be send before the 1st day of publication month
Contact: Desirée Heijl (traffic) at:


American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM)
Editions: 12 times a year in print
Reach: Pulmonologists
Impact factor: 12.118, ranking 1 st in Respiratory Journals

Arthritis & Rheumatology (A&R)
Editions: 12 times a year in print
Reach: Rheumatologists
Impact factor: 8.955, ranking 2 nd Rheumatology Journals

Editions: 12 times a year in print
Reach: Cardiologists
Impact factor: 5.693

GUT + Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH)
Editions: (GUT+GE+CGH, compendium): 12 times a year in print
Reach: Gastroenterologists
Impact factor: 14.921 GUT, 18.187 Gastroenterology, 7.680 CGH

The Lancet Oncology (TLO)
Editions: 12 times a year in print
Reach: Medical Oncologists and Lung oncologists
Impact factor: 24.725, ranking 3th of all 202 Oncology Journals worldwide

Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia
Editions: 12 times a year in print
Reach: Haematologists
Impact factor: 2.559


Advertising online & E-mail Alerts

MediQuality, the N•1 on-line physician community

Engage with your target audience through BeNeLux
MediQuality offers a simple and efficient way to engage doctors of all specialties in BeNeLux, ensuring broad and meaningful engagement with physicians and highly measurable return on investment. As the leading "on-line physician community" and digital media for healthcare professionals (HCPs) in BeNeLux, MediQuality is also the digital communication channel of choice for companies across the pharmaceutical, medical recruitment and healthcare sectors.

What can you do on MediQuality?
MediQuality has many possibilities, ranging from advertising to education, allowing you to be very creative while proposing our audience (HCPs) revelant content-rich programmes. A few of the possibilities:

  • Advertising services - display, newsletter and email marketing.
  • Promotional programmes - a range of services to promote your brand, product or service
  • Conference Highlights (independently accredited)
  • (Branded) content programmes - including topic centers, disease awareness programmes, case studies, guidelines reviews and clinical paper summaries
  • Educational programmes (arms-length & potentially accredited)
  • Market research

Channels within MediQuality include:

  • 34 different medical newsletters
  • Congress dossiers with daily news from the international medical congresses
  • Topic Centers with information around a disease area
  • E-direct mails

Custom Content

We provide editorial services to support your communication plans. After agreeing with you on the outline, we create compelling texts, such as:

  • KOL interviews,
  • Coverage of satellites
  • Custom written articles

These texts can be included in our Conference Reports and Journals as advertorials, or used online on the MediQualty platform. They can also be provided to you for use in your own channels.


Visual content

Medicom is a leader in high-quality medical illustrations and animations. All visual content (including images, animations and supporting text) arise from the interdisciplinary work of a team led by our Medical Department and integrated by writers, graphic designers and professional medical illustrators, specially trained and with a knowledge of human anatomy.

We applied our experience and knowledge on medical illustration and doctor-patient communication to design mobile health apps and online services that help medical professionals to visually explain to patients anatomy, conditions, procedures and concepts in order to improve their understanding, adherence and quality of care. Examples are our:

  • Miniatlasses
  • Postermaker apps
  • Tearpad and tearpad maker apps
  • Flipchartmaker apps



Content Ed Net Medicom B.V. is an independent, dedicated third-party reprints supplier for the Benelux and Scandinavia  and  company of the  Content Ed Net Group, the leading supplier of reprints around the globe.  We aim to combine the best elements of global scale with local presence.  Content Ed Net B.V. can provide you with reprints and e-prints of almost every scientific publication and can assist in aggregating orders.

MediContent is a free literature alert service. Registered persons will receive e-mail alerts for new publications in their specific fields of interest.

For more information contact Judith Breijer at

For more information, contact Marieke Slikker at, or call Marieke at +31 85 4012 560.